Woman wants to marry man who shot her

Tina Marie Stebbins, of San Bernardino, Calif., said in a letter Monday that she still plans to marry Christian Leroy Lindblad, 37, who shot her and held her hostage for six days in his family’s garage. Lindblad pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2002.

“I love Christian today as deeply as I loved him before this awful thing happened to us,’ Stebbins wrote in a victim impact statement. “We are soul mates.’

She added: “I want to tell you all that I have forgiven Christian. And I pray that Christian has forgiven me for failing him when he needed me most.’

The incident occurred at the Big Bear City home the couple shared with Lindblad’s parents. Lindblad and Stebbins had a history of domestic violence and substance abuse, according to a sentencing report. It also said Lindblad had been drinking at the time of the shooting.

Lindblad and his parents, Robert and Shirley Lindblad, tried to cover up the shooting by treating Stebbins with home remedies, according to a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s report. They also threatened her young sons and her family, the report said. — Associated Press

For wanting to get back together with this scum of the earth, Tina Marie Stebbins wins today’s Stupid Person of the Day award. But I must give an honorable mention to both of Lindblad’s parents, who tried to help him cover up his crime. They both pleaded guilty to being an accessory.

Death row escapee drinks his way back to jail

Charles Victor Thompson, 35, who had been sentenced to death in Texas, escaped from custody last Thursday by somehow getting hold of civilian clothes and a fake ID of the Texas Attorney General’s office. U.S. marshals captured him today near a liquor store in Shreveport, La., primarily because he couldn’t stop drinking.

U.S. Marshals Service spokeswoman Marianne Matus said Thompson was too drunk to be questioned about his escape and how he got to Shreveport, which is the near the border with northeastern Texas.

“He was pretty intoxicated. He was pretty impaired,’ said Lt. John Martin of Harris County Sheriff’s Office in Houston. — Reuters

If you’ve escaped from prison, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself, and wandering around the streets blasted is a great way to get yourself caught. Charles Victor Thompson, therefore, is today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

City arts centre pays artist to get drunk, fall down

The Chapter arts centre in Canton, Cardiff, Wales, has paid Japanese artist Tomoko Takahashi £5000 to drink “48 bottles of beer’ and walk across a beam wearing high heels until she falls off.

Unfortunately, some see her one-woman performance art show as less a comment “on the availability and use of mass-produced products’, as she claims, and more an exhortation to binge drink.

“This is stupid and dangerous and sends out the message that binge drinking is OK,’ said Ramesh Patel, a local councillor, who called for an inquiry. He demanded to know why taxpayers’ money “is being wasted on trash like this’.

An Alcohol Concern spokesman said: “We’re always concerned when someone puts their health and safety at risk by drinking to excess like this.’

David Davies, a Tory member of the Welsh Assembly, said: “If anyone is daft enough to want to see a young woman getting plastered and tottering around in high heels, they can do it in just about every city centre most nights of the week. The show is probably the biggest waste of money in the world. The worrying thing is people are deciding to hand out taxpayers’ money like this when they are sober.’ — Telegraph Online

I really need a job like this. Most of us have to pay to get drunk.

Candidate arrested for drunk driving twice in three hours

A candidate for public office in upstate New York was arrested twice in three hours for driving while intoxicated, authorities said Monday.

Brian E. Karst, 34, who is running for Oneida Common Council as an independent candidate was arrested Friday night by Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Chrysler and ticketed for numerous traffic violations. Sobriety tests revealed his blood alcohol content was 0.14 percent, nearly twice the legal limit of 0.08, deputies said.

After his arrest, Karst was released to a third party.

Less than three hours later, Chrysler pulled Karst over again — driving the same car as before. This time, Karst’s blood alcohol content was 0.11, deputies said.

Deputies said Karst also was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Sept. 9. — Associated Press

You’re supposed to drink after you’re elected to office, not before. Brian Karst, you qualify as today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

Drunk man steals ambulance for dead deer

At about 10 a.m. last Sunday, Leon Hollimon stole an ambulance and led police on a three-county chase around central North Carolina.

When police finally got the ambulance stopped, they discovered a deer which had been dead for a week, attached to an IV.

When they caught him, he was wearing a stethoscope, pager and had two latex gloves in his back pocket. . . .

Investigators say they’re not sure where Hollimon is from, but he has a large number of arrests in the Jacksonville, Florida area and may be from there.

They say they don’t yet know how he ended up in Lexington.

He’s currently having a mental evaluation at a state hospital in Butner. — WFMY

The day before, Hollimon had been arrested for public intoxication — in a wheelchair.

Police think the man’s odd behavior began the day before on Anna Lewis drive in Lexington.

Lieutenant Scott Nanney says officers saw the man with a wheelchair near the hospital.

“Actually he was in the wheelchair riding it in the middle of the road and intoxicated. So, that’s when officers decided to take him into jail for four hours.’

Police say the man wasn’t charged with anything in the wheelchair incident.

He was only taken to jail for his safety, until he was sober enough to leave. — WFMY

Congratulations, you’re today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

Drunk driver jumps into back seat to evade police

An Australian man, being pursued by police on suspicion of drunk driving, jumped into the back seat with his passengers — while the car was still moving.

Police charged the 24-year-old man with resisting arrest and driving under the influence of alcohol after he abandoned the wheel on Saturday, ignoring the police car’s siren and signals to pull over, said Sgt. Wayne Jenkinson, a police officer in the Northern Territory town of Katherine.

One of the car’s passengers suffered minor injuries when she panicked and jumped from the driverless car while it was still rolling 25 miles per hour, he said.

The runaway car then rapidly lost speed, allowing a policeman to get out of his vehicle, chase it down on foot and bring it to a halt by applying the brake.

The man, who had a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.178 percent — more than three times the legal limit of 0.05 — was also charged with driving in a dangerous manner, driving while disqualified and driving an unregistered vehicle, Jenkinson said.

Jenkinson said the driver’s hazardous maneuver was aimed at avoiding arrest.

“His cunning plan, in his muddled state of mind, was he wouldn’t be the driver,’ Jenkinson said. — Associated Press

The driver, who was not named in news reports, is today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

Drunken AWOL soldier kills five

A Colombian soldier went absent without leave, got drunk, and threw a grenade into a street party, killing five people, including a seven year old boy, according to military and civilian authorities.

The soldier went absent without leave from his base in the southwestern province of Huila and got drunk in the town of El Jardin before detonating the grenade, said an official at the nearby municipality of San Jose de Isnos.

Five people were killed and eight injured in the incident, the official said.

The army arrested the soldier and began a criminal investigation under military law, an army spokesman said. — The Australian

Everyone knows that alcohol makes you stupid. Mix in some grenades, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Court orders teenager to drink, act threatening

Thanks to a misprint on an anti-social behaviour order, an Alnwick, Northumberland, U.K., teenager was ordered to drink in public and to act in a threatening manner.

Angered by his unruly, boozed-up behaviour, police had hoped magistrates would punish the youth for breaching his Asbo. He hadn’t.

Closer examination revealed that he had mistakenly been ordered not to be in public “without’ alcohol and that he was also duty bound to act in a threatening manner likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to others.

After the boy escaped punishment as a result of the misprint, the officials behind the mistake were asked to deliver a new Asbo with more appropriate wording, the Daily Mirror reported. — BBC Magazine

Usually, such orders are intended to restrain people from committing anti-social behavior, not to require it. (Via Hit and Run.)

Drunk man gets testicles locked in padlock for two weeks

An unidentified man in Exeter, N.H., got drunk one night and had a padlock locked around his testicles by one of his friends. Then the key broke off in the lock and this idiot waited two weeks before calling for help.

Police have not identified the 39-year-old man, but said that after the key broke off, he tried sawing the lock off with a hacksaw.

He was taken to Exeter Hospital, where a locksmith removed the padlock. He was treated and released, and the hospital said he had no lasting injury.

Police said that they did not know the motive for the incident. — Internet Broadcasting Systems

Now I don’t know about you, but I not only wouldn’t let a hacksaw anywhere near my testicles in the first place, I wouldn’t let a padlock anywhere near them either, no matter how drunk I was. Oh, and the motive is pretty obvious. As soon as police identify him, please mail a brand new padlock to today’s Stupid Person of the Day to replace the one destroyed in this incident.

Thanks to The Jawa Report.

Police arrest woman who tried to open plane door in flight

A 52-year-old woman from Dania Beach, Fla., was arrested Wednesday for attempting to open the exit door on a United Airlines flight as it was descending into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

She failed to open the exit door of the Boeing 737, but did set off a warning light in the cockpit.

A flight attendant was able to persuade the woman to return to her seat, and the plane landed safely.

Police have not yet released the name of today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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