They’re trying to take our licenses away!

Margaret Riley, 80, of Burlington, N.C., got in her car last Tuesday to drive to a doctor’s appointment. Then, more than 70 people called 911 to report Riley’s car driving on the wrong side of Interstates 85 and 40.

She made it 14 miles before police finally managed to get her to stop.

During the entire trip, other drivers weaved and honked, but managed to steer clear.

She pulled over when she saw all the police lights. . . .

Police did not ticket Riley, but her driver’s license is being re-evaluated. — WTSP

Watch the video from the police dashboard cam, too. No word on whether today’s Stupid Person of the Day ever made it to the doctor, or whether she has an eye exam scheduled now.

Woman tries to buy dope from police

We’re back.

Grace Sium, 20, a student at North Dakota State University, called a West Fargo, N.D., police station, asking the police dispatcher where she could buy some drugs. The dispatcher told her that not only was it illegal, the police weren’t going to sell her any drugs. After she persisted, the dispatcher told her to come down to the police station and someone would hook her up. You can imagine what happened next.

Officer Ken Zeeb — who arrived for work at 3.45am — recalled: “The dispatcher got on the intercom and said, ‘You know what? She’s here. She just handed me $3 for marijuana.” Zeeb quickly moved to cuff the master criminal, and later explained: “She didn’t seem like she was really under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She understood what was going on and articulated herself well.’

Zeeb, who has worked narcotics for over seven years and “and has arrested people for trying to buy drugs at a house as it was being searched by police,’ admitted the bust was “about the craziest thing I’ve ever come across.’ He rightly concluded: “This is something that you couldn’t even make up.’ — The Register

Today’s Stupid Person of the Day was, perhaps, not quite in her right mind. Grace Sium didn’t get any dope, but she did get a trip to the Cass County Jail.