Couple raised kids in garbage, animal feces, pornography

Wendy and Byron Ruff, of Warner, N.H., were convicted Monday of 10 counts of child endangerment, for keeping their five children in a home filled with animal feces, rotting garbage, loose insulation, and pornography on the walls.

“It is not a difficult matter to keep a home free of non-domesticated and non-house-trained animals,’ [Henniker District Court Judge Brackett] Scheffy wrote in his ruling Monday. “It does not require even an ordinary level of intelligence to know that the waste products of a variety of animals, many of which were in poor and diseased condition, are dangerous to the well-being of children and adults.

“The display of pornography on the walls of a home in which young children, one of them a pre-teen girl, reside, shows a callousness to their welfare that fails to meet any rational standard of behavior,’ Scheffy added.

The Ruffs are scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday. They face up to a year in jail or a $2,000 fine for each count.

The couple plan to appeal. They were charged in August after the town’s health inspector condemned their home, finding it full of garbage and animal waste, with no food for the children. The state veterinarian seized 37 animals, including pigs, chickens, goats, geese, rabbits, dogs and cats from the property. — WMUR

When the judge calls you stupid, then there’s a good chance you, like Byron and Wendy Ruff, will become the Stupid People of the Day.

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