Robber caught by hole in bag

Sharife Doorah, 23, of Indianapolis, Ind., allegedly robbed a bar late Friday night, and put the money in a bag. He ran off, and police took off after him. So far, about normal. But Doorah couldn’t possibly have gotten away that night.

“Upon arrival, they were told the suspect just went out the backdoor. In fact, he was getting into a vehicle carrying a bag of money with him,’ said Indianapolis police Sgt. Don Weilhammer.

Police chased Doorah around the neighborhood before he bailed out of his vehicle and took off on foot.

A police canine chased Doorah and that’s when police said the chase took a peculiar turn.

“As he was running, the bag had a hole in it. So there was money going everywhere in the neighborhood as he was running,’ Weilhammer said. — WMAQ

That’s right, he stuffed the money into a bag with a hole in it. Police eventually recovered nearly all of it, maybe missing some loose change. And Sharife Doorah becomes today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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