Artist chains self, loses key

Trevor Corneliusien, 26, an artist, went camping in an abandoned mineshaft about five miles north of Baker, Calif., on Tuesday, wrapped a chain around his bare ankles and locked it, and proceeded to draw it. Then he realized he didn’t have the key.

So he hopped across the desert for 12 hours before finding help.

“It took him over 12 hours because he had to hop through boulders and sand,’ [San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan] Ford said. “He did put on his shoes before hopping.’

The artist, who is from the area, often sketched images inside mines in the Southwest. He had finished his drawing Tuesday when he realized he didn’t have the key.

Corneliusien finally made it to a gas station and called the sheriff’s department, which sent paramedics and deputies with bolt cutters. His legs were bruised but he was otherwise in good health, Ford said. — Associated Press

Ford also said that the artist’s drawing of the chain around his legs was “pretty good.’ But that doesn’t excuse Trevor Corneliusien, who is today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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