Home alone: Parents leave children for Vegas weekend

Jacob Calero and Michelle De La Vega, of San Ramon, Calif., on Friday left Calero’s two children, Joshua, 9, and Jason, 5, alone at home unsupervised so they could take a New Year’s Eve trip to Las Vegas.

San Ramon Police Sgt. Brian Kalinowski said that the parents could be facing child endangerment charges once information about the incident is presented to the district attorney.

During the day the boys were alone, they ate cold cereal for breakfast and heated up microwave meals for dinner. The boys’ grandmother called police New Year’s Eve when she realized they might have been left home unsupervised. . . .

When police found the boys, they were physically unharmed. The boys were placed in Child Protective Services and later turned over to their grandmother, who they are currently staying with. — KRXI

This wasn’t the first time they had left the kids alone, either. For that, Jacob Calero and Michelle de la Vega become today’s Stupid People of the Day. As of Wednesday morning, they had not yet arrived back from their trip and were expected to be arrested upon arrival.

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