Drug dealer files lawsuit against police dog

Wayne Francis Green, 46, of Albany, Ohio, filed a lawsuit in Athens County Court of Common Pleas against Andi, a dog used by the county sheriff’s department.

The suit stems from a 2003 search of Green’s business which turned up 50 pounds of marijuana, and for which Green was convicted last month. He is to be sentenced in January.

County Prosecutor C. David Warren said to his knowledge, it’s the first time the county’s dog has ever been singled out as a defendant. Warren has volunteered to handle Andi’s defense personally. . . .

Green, who is representing himself, alleges that a search of his furniture business in 2003 was illegal. He claims officers also went into an adjoining building that he owned without a warrant, but police deny it.

Green said Wednesday evening that he felt endangered by Andi’s presence.

“They’ve got a mean ol’ dog, you know what I’m saying? I take that pretty serious,’ Green said, adding, “I’m a dog lover, but that’s the limit.’ — Associated Press

Police say they found the marijuana in the furniture business, not the other building. And Green, for clogging up the courts with a completely frivolous lawsuit, is most certainly today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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