Sodomy suspect tries to bribe victim twice

A 40 year old schoolteacher in South Africa, accused of sodomizing a 15 year old boy and bribing him by providing the answers to exams, lost his bail on Monday, apparently having tried to bribe the victim — this time with money — into dropping the charges.

The teacher, who can’t be named because he hasn’t been asked to plead yet, teaches at a high school near Malamulele.

His bail was revoked in Malamulele magistrate’s court when the teenager’s mother complained to the police about the second alleged bribe. . . .

The alleged sodomy was uncovered only when fellow teachers became suspicious of the boy’s almost-perfect exam marks.

The school suspected cheating, and launched an internal inquiry. When they confronted the boy, he told them he’d been sodomised and given the answers in return. . . .

Limpopo’s education spokesperson Ndou Mangala has previously warned that teachers who get sexually involved with pupils face dismissal and blacklisting. — African Eye News Service

The man, who as yet is unnamed, is today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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