Teacher caught snorting cocaine in class

Terry Kaupilla, 45, of Jacksonville, Fla., was arrested after students in the 7th grade class he was substitute teaching at Lake Shore Middle School saw him snorting cocaine.

According to Principal Iranetta Wright, students became so alarmed, they notified school administrators immediately.

“Allegations were made by the students that a substitute teacher was in class doing drugs. They said he was sniffing something.’

The Principal talked to students, then the substitute teacher, and contacted police. . . .

According to the police report, a bag of cocaine was spotted near Kaupilla while he was being questioned by police; and he later admitted, “he had been doing this for about seven months and realizes he had a problem.’ — First Coast News

Terry Kaupilla faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, and for doing it around teenagers, becomes today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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