Swindlers take $6,000 from stupid person

[Editor’s note: It seems the old tricks still work against new people. An unnamed person in Greenville, S.C., fell victim to one of the older tricks in the book.]

[Greenville County sheriff’s deputies] said a woman was in the parking lot of Wal-Mart on Woodruff Road when she was approached by another woman, who told the victim that she had $8,000 in cash, but did not like the serial numbers on the money and wanted to exchange it with the victim.

The victim was asked to go to her bank with another man, withdraw $6,000 and give it to the suspect, and in turn she would receive the $8,000.

When the victim withdrew the money and gave it to the woman, the woman and the man left without giving the victim anything.

The victim was not hurt.

Investigators said people should take steps to avoid this situation, such as:

  • Never shop alone.
  • Do not speak to strangers.
  • Ask yourself why someone would give you more money than they will receive.


Today’s unnamed Stupid Person of the Day forgot the basics, things that everyone should be taught while growing up.

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