Inmate breaks out of jail, goes shopping

Dustin Scarbrough was awaiting trial for armed robbery in the Roane County, Tenn., jail when he broke out by climbing through a damaged fence in the jail’s recreation yard.

But he didn’t plan to stay out. Authorities say he instead went shopping.

“I was at the block by the Kingston Courthouse and as I drove by I witnessed a white male run off the front steps heading towards the jail. It kind of caught my attention so I watched him for another second or so and when I did he got to the corner and he crouched over,’ says Sergeant Wes Stooksbury, from the Kingston Police Department. . . .

“As he ran between the air conditioning unit and the bail bondsman’s office I ran between the jail and the air conditioning unit. They are close together in order to cut him off I went down between those two buildings and got behind the first buildings on the left and waited for him to come around. When he did I caught him there just behind the jail rec-yard,’ explains Sgt. Stooksbury.

The Sergeant says he found on Scarbrough a package containing clothes, liquor, several prescription pills a substance believed to be crack cocaine and evidence that Scarbrough isn’t a big fan of jail food.

“Four McDonalds Hamburgers,’ says Sgt. Stooksbury. — WVLT

That’s right, he didn’t like the jail food, and really needed a drink. You’d think after escaping he’d go somewhere other than back to the jail, but… Dustin Scarbrough is today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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