Man who hit oncoming train with his head in 2002 does it again

A Stanfordville, N.Y., man was in stable condition Monday after an incident last Friday where in Poughkeepsie he leaned over into the path of an oncoming Metro-North train, suffering head injuries.

Parker T. Hall Houghtaling, 23, was recovering from his injuries at St. Francis Hospital Monday, where he was listed in stable condition. Houghtaling was waiting on the platform of the Poughkeepsie train station Friday when he stuck his head out and was hit by the 6:26 p.m. commuter train, according to authorities and eyewitnesses.

It wasn’t the first time. In 2002, he was waiting at the 51st Street subway station in Manhattan when he stuck his head out and was hit by a subway car. He was hospitalized with a shoulder injury, nose fractures and bruises, according to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, which runs Metro-North and the subway system. It was unclear Monday what led to the incident in the subway. . . .

On Friday, officers found four prescription drugs on Houghtaling — all legally prescribed to him. Authorities ordered toxicology tests in the hopes of determining whether the prescription drugs played a factor in Houghtaling getting too close to the incoming train.

There were several witnesses Friday.

“They saw him take steps toward the edge, they saw him step back, and they saw him lean into the train,’ Anders said, adding Houghtaling was standing and conscious when the train’s conductor and engineer found him. — Poughkeepsie Journal

If it were just once, I could see it being the medication, but clearly Parker T. Hall Houghtaling suffers from chronic stupidity, and that’s why he has won the Stupid Person of the Day award.

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