Lies and the principals who believe the lying liars

Marlene Whitby, principal of William Penn Elementary School in Elizabeth, Pa., submitted her resignation Wednesday, after parading an 8 year old girl around to all the classes in the school and denouncing her as a liar and a thief. The girl’s accuser, another student, later admitted she falsely accused the victim.

Whitby and the school’s administration came under fire this month when the parents of third-grader Katie White protested that Whitby had not been punished for the September incident.

After the classmate accused the girl of stealing the $5, Whitby took her from room to room, calling her a liar and thief. The other child later recanted the story.

The girl’s father, Ryan White, said that when he spoke to Whitby she acknowledged that she didn’t look at a school bus video or talk to the bus driver to verify the theft accusation. . . .

Police had to be called to Wednesday’s board meeting because some in the crowd of about 70 people became upset when board President Lowell Meek said there would be no public comment on a personnel and discipline matter. — Associated Press

Anyone who’s been around children for more than a few minutes knows they make things up. Especially if they’re being mean to each other, which they do frequently. Marlene Whitby, who should have known better, is therefore today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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