Confused man shoots trick-or-treaters

A 70 year old pensioner in Torino (Turin), Italy, frightened by two trick-or-treating boys in Halloween costume, instead of giving them candy, grabbed his hunting rifle and shot them.

The 14-year-old boys, dressed as demons, had knocked on the man’s door during an evening of “trick or treat’ near the northern town of Turin and set off a firecracker.

When the door opened, instead of a treat, the man fired four shots at the boys having been scared by the noise and their strange outfits, the news agency ANSA said.

Police arrested the man, who lived alone and was the victim of several robberies, for attempted murder, ANSA said. Police said the boys’ lives were not in danger but one risked losing an eye. — Reuters

The two children are listed in serious condition at Ivrea hospital, according to the news report.

The practice of trick-or-treating is relatively new to Italy, so maybe today’s Stupid Person of the Day, who was not named by police, simply hadn’t heard of it yet.

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