Woman tries to steal unborn child

Peggy Jo Conner, 38, of Ford City, Pa. has charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assult for kidnapping a pregnant woman and trying to cut her unborn child out of her.

District Attorney Scott Andreassi said the baby appears to be healthy, but the condition of the mother, Valerie Lynn Oskin, is unknown.

Oskin, 30, of Ford City, who was 8 months pregnant, is being treated at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh.

Police said Conner hit Oskin in the head with a baseball bat on Wednesday, then drove her to a dirt road off Route 1037 in a wooded area of Wayne Township and cut Oskin’s abdomen with a razor.

Someone riding an all-terrain vehicle found Oskin and Conner on the dirt road at about 5 p.m. Wednesday and called for help, police said.

Conner was arrested and taken to the county jail. She is being held without bond.

Police say that a statement from Conner indicates that her goal was to get the victim’s unborn child and take it as her own.

In an interview with WTAE Channel 4’s Bob Mayo, Conner’s husband said that his wife is pregnant.

Andreassi said Conner claims to be pregnant but is not. — WTAE

[Editor’s note: Peggy Jo Conner, you’re today’s Stupid Person of the Day. And if anybody knows what’s up with the recent rash of women trying to steal others’ unborn babies, please let me know.]

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