Drunk man steals ambulance for dead deer

At about 10 a.m. last Sunday, Leon Hollimon stole an ambulance and led police on a three-county chase around central North Carolina.

When police finally got the ambulance stopped, they discovered a deer which had been dead for a week, attached to an IV.

When they caught him, he was wearing a stethoscope, pager and had two latex gloves in his back pocket. . . .

Investigators say they’re not sure where Hollimon is from, but he has a large number of arrests in the Jacksonville, Florida area and may be from there.

They say they don’t yet know how he ended up in Lexington.

He’s currently having a mental evaluation at a state hospital in Butner. — WFMY

The day before, Hollimon had been arrested for public intoxication — in a wheelchair.

Police think the man’s odd behavior began the day before on Anna Lewis drive in Lexington.

Lieutenant Scott Nanney says officers saw the man with a wheelchair near the hospital.

“Actually he was in the wheelchair riding it in the middle of the road and intoxicated. So, that’s when officers decided to take him into jail for four hours.’

Police say the man wasn’t charged with anything in the wheelchair incident.

He was only taken to jail for his safety, until he was sober enough to leave. — WFMY

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