“Extreme Makeover’ sued over suicide

When Deleese Williams, 30, of Conroe, Texas, was thrown off the television show Extreme Makeover at the last minute, her sister killed herself. Now Williams is suing ABC.

She claims a TV crew tricked her sister Kellie McGee into making cruel remarks about her looks before the makeover.

ABC cancelled the appearance, saying her jaw would take too long to heal, and her sister was left distraught about making the remarks, she claims.

Extreme Makeover follows people having drastic plastic surgery and Mrs Williams was due to have work on her teeth, eyes and breasts.

Her legal action said “Deleese Williams is considered ugly’ and said a doctor promised her “a Hollywood smile like Cindy Crawford’.

Programme-makers visited the contestant’s family in Texas before the makeover was due to start in January 2004.

The legal action claims they manipulated Ms McGee into saying unkind things about her sister’s looks on camera.

But the contestant was told hours before the makeover was due to begin that it had been cancelled.

When she returned home from Los Angeles unchanged, Ms McGee became so upset over what she had said that she killed herself, the legal action states.

“Sometimes Deleese blames herself for Kellie’s death,’ it says. ABC was unavailable for comment. — BBC News

Suing won’t bring your sister back, and you’ve become today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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