Car contest loser steals gun, commits suicide

Today’s Stupid Person of the Day took himself out of the gene pool. Richard Vega, 24, was participating in a “Hands on the Hardbody’ contest in Longview, Texas, where participants keep their hands on a pickup truck, and the last person with his hand still on the truck wins the truck.

Almost three days into the contest, he suddenly left, walked across the street, broke into K-Mart, grabbed a gun, and fatally shot himself.

Cox News Service reported Vega walked away from the truck after remaining in place for three days and smashed a window at a K-Mart across the street. Police officers who arrived just before 6 a.m. found Vega walking from the back of the store with a gun in his hands which he used to shoot himself.

Dru Laborde, program director for KYKX radio, said he talked to Vega just before he dropped out.

“He was fine,’ Laborde said. — UPI

The Gun Guys have some more information.

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