Woman arrested for pretending to be hurricane victim

Emma Hill, 31, of Memphis, Tenn., was arrested Saturday on charges of forgery and attempted theft after pretending to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina.

[Hill] told a worker at an American Red Cross hurricane relief center in Memphis Friday that she lived in Gulfport, Miss., and had lost everything in the hurricane, according to the charges.

However, when she returned Saturday to pick up a $1,565 check, Hill gave an address in Mississippi that was different from the first one she gave workers. Suspicious workers then called over a Memphis police officer stationed at the center.

Police say they discovered Hill had an outstanding warrant on charges of passing bad checks. And they found she had a Tennessee driver’s license with a Memphis address and that she paid the utility bills at that address. — Associated Press

Today’s Stupid Person of the Day probably would have gotten away with it, too, if she’d been able to keep her story straight.

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