Laptop thief caught on CCTV sentenced

Michael Adams was sentenced today with a 12 month community order after being caught on eight CCTV cameras stealing a laptop from CCTV Surveillance Solutions in Dale Street, Manchester, on 13 August.

Adams, of Marcer Road, Miles Platting, and known to his friends as Mr Stupid, admitted stealing a laptop worth £650 before Manchester magistrates. . . .

He was also given a six-month drug rehabilitation order and was ordered to pay compensation of £650 to the shop owner and £70 towards court costs. — BBC News

The owner of the CCTV store said the theft last week had been good for business, giving the store the kind of publicity that he could have never dreamed of.

[Editor’s Note: Mr Stupid is indeed today’s Stupid Person of the Day. Steal from a CCTV shop and not expect to have your face on camera?]

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