Abe Lincoln on the $100 bill?

Earl H. Devine, 22, of Lafayette, Ind., was arrested July 31 for passing counterfeit $100 bills he printed on his inkjet printer. Instead of Ben Franklin’s face, the fake bill’s watermark showed Abe Lincoln’s face.

But that’s not why he’s the Stupid Person of the Day.

On Tuesday, he was arrested again, for passing another fake $100 bill, again with the wrong face in the watermark, printed on an inkjet printer.

“The watermark on the bills don’t correspond with the correct president’s face,’ said Jeff Rooze of the Lafayette Police Department. “They all have Abe Lincoln’s watermark, which is on the $5 bill.’

Security features such as color shifting ink in the lower right-hand corner and a security thread also were missing, and the paper had red and blue dots indicating they had been made with an inkjet printer, police said. — Associated Press

He posted bond — again — and I expect he’ll probably try his (bad) luck again.

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