Man carries improvised explosive device into Oklahoma City airport

Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr., of Norman, Okla., was arrested Wednesday in Oklahoma City after trying to carry an improvised explosive device through the security checkpoint and onto a plane.

Dreyling, 24, was going through the security checkpoint at Will Rogers World Airport on Wednesday when a Transportation Security Administration employee noticed something suspicious in his bag on the X-ray machine, Johnson said. — Associated Press

FBI spokesman Agent Gary Johnson described the device as an “improvised explosive device,’ but would not describe it further.

Dreyling had a ticket on Delta Airlines to Philadelphia via Atlanta.

Today’s Stupid Person of the Day is resting comfortably in Oklahoma County Jail and faces federal charges of possessing an explosive device at an airport. It is not clear exactly what he wanted to blow up. Here’s a hint for those of you making explosive devices: Leave them at home.

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