Disagreement on Iraq war turns deadly

A Kentucky man shot and killed his friend after a disagreement over the Iraq war heated up.

Douglas Moore, 65, of Martin, shot and killed Harold Wayne Smith, 56, of Manchester, at a Floyd County flea market on Thursday.

Kentucky state police said he appeared to have acted in self-defense and released him without filing charges.

Another witness, Chuck Newsome, said yesterday the Sept. 11 attacks also were included in the argument, which quickly escalated into an altercation and then to a kind of showdown in front of the market’s snack stand.

After a scuffle, Newsome said he saw Smith stand beside the snack shed, pull a small pistol out of his pocket, cock the hammer and say, “I’m going to blow your … brains out.’ — Lexington Herald-Leader

“I’m sorry this has happened,’ Moore, a retired railroad worker, said. “But then what’s done can’t be undone.’ Moore told the Lexington reporter he thinks Smith and his family knew him well enough “to know what my thoughts are, his family does, because me and Harold was friends. That’s all I’ll say.’ — Editor & Publisher

Well, that’s one way to settle a dispute: a good old-fashioned Wild West showdown at high noon.

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