Fraud suspect goes on reality TV show

A Russian man suspected of real estate fraud went on a reality TV show. His victim recognized him from TV, and he was subsequently arrested.

Alexei Avdeev went on Russia’s ДОМ-2 (Dom-2) reality TV show, and his victim, from whom he stole $1,900 by posing as a real estate agent in Smolensk, recognized him and contacted police.

The suspect, Alexei Avdeev, was detained right in the reality show’s filming area and sent to a detention center in the western Russian city of Smolensk. He has already served a sentence in Smolensk’s prison colony for car theft and bribery of an official. — MosNews

Avdeev faces five years back in prison if convicted.

Okay, if you’re on the run from the law, the last thing you do is go on national television. Congratulations, Alexei Avdeev, you’re today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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