Potholes as traffic calming device

A councillor in Bath, U.K. wants to suspend road maintenance and allow potholes in order to calm traffic.

When people are confronted by less well-maintained road surfaces with potholes, they tend to drive slower.

They are worried about doing damage to their car and, as such, are far more careful. They also become more aware of the pedestrians and hazards around them.

And taxpayers would make significant savings, first because less would be spent on road surfaces, and second because less would be spent on road-calming measures such as speed cameras and road humps. — Cllr Andy Furse

This completely ignores the dangers of two-wheeled vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians having accidents as a result of such potholes, for which the city’s insurance company would have to pay.

Congratulations, Councillor, you are today’s Stupid Person of the Day.

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