Before you send your child back to public school, there’s something you should know

The American public education system is dumbing down your kids and preparing them for a life of mediocrity.

That’s the startling, but perhaps not surprising, premise behind John Taylor Gatto‘s book, The Underground History of American Education, which is available to read free online. (Hint: Try the printer-friendly links in each chapter.)

Gatto is a former New York State Teacher of the Year who taught for 30 years before finally quitting in disgust at the things the education system asked him to do to children. If you want to understand how America’s educational system works and what its true goals are, this book is required reading.

He argues that the system is designed to suppress in children the abilities of critical thinking and judgment needed to accomplish great things, and to psychologically warp children so as to be docile, apathetic, uncomplaining employees and consumers when they grow up.

Thanks to Liberty for Sale for bringing this very important work on American education to light. I can tell you no child of mine will ever attend a public school. Now go read the book, and come back here in a week or two when you’re finished, and let me know what you think.

Today’s Stupid Person of the Day is anyone who leaves their children in public school after learning what’s really going on in those classrooms.

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