Girl charged with assault for defending herself from bullies

In Fresno, Calif., on April 29, 11 year old Maribel Cuevas was being harassed by some schoolyard bullies throwing water balloons and rocks at her. She threw a rock back at one of them, and now faces charges of felony assault.

The rock hit 9 year old Elijah Vang in the head. When Cuevas saw he was bleeding and summoned help, police came in three patrol cars and a helicopter to arrest her, even though Vang admitted to starting the fight.

“She’s 11 … they’re treating her like she’s a violent parole offender,’ said attorney Richard Beshwate, Jr., who is defending Cuevas.

News coverage is available from KFSN ABC 30 and Associated Press.

So now defending yourself is a crime in this country? Your Stupid People of the Day are Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer, who said that officers were justified in charging Cuevas with a felony, and Fresno County assistant DA Bob Ellis, who is prosecuting the case, even though Vang’s family is not interested in pressing charges.

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