Eliminating stupidity: Your thoughts

We see examples of stupidity all around us every day. From the driver who turns right from the left lane, to the waitress who can’t add or subtract, we are surrounded by it.

As the premise of this site is to eradicate stupidity, I’d like to hear from you on how that might best be accomplished.

If you have an idea on how to reduce or eliminate stupidity, post it below.

1 thought on “Eliminating stupidity: Your thoughts

  1. Newton’s Law: Things (and people) resist change. Stupid is stupid because they are too stupid to realize that they are stupid, thus perpetuating stupidity. The only way to get away from stupid is to leave them to their stupidity which will allow them to destroy theirselves. “The wages of sin (stupidity) is death. Just eliminate stupidity from your life and let them kill theirselves off through their stupidity.. Let them enjoy the consequences of their own stupidity. We only destroy ourselves through striving to change their stupidity to enlightenment. Mankind is eternal by design and suicidal by nature. Trying to change them will only bring you down. Eliminate stupidity from your own life. No longer enable it. It is stupid to attempt to eliminate it. It will eliminate itself.

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