Woman sentenced to three years for harassment campaign

Kathryn Skinner, of Exeter, U.K., has been sentenced to three years in prison for waging a campaign of terror on a six year old girl and her family.

Skinner, now 40, spiked children’s drinks at birthday parties and put razor blades in school bags and lockers so her friend’s daughter would get the blame.

She stole money and planted it in the young girl’s bedroom, slashed the family’s clothes and even faked hate mail from the youngster claiming she was being mistreated by her mother.

She did it in such a way that the youngster would be wrongly blamed – and she watched as the distressed girl was excluded from school, put into therapy and came close to being taken away from her distraught parents. — This Is Exeter

Skinner then pretended to be a family friend, “helping’ the poor girl’s mother. “Kathryn Skinner was a close friend and I had known her for 14 years. I thought she was helping our family through it and supporting us but all the time she was twisting the knife,’ she said.

Congratulations Kathryn Skinner, you are Stupid Person of the Day.

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