Woman kills hundreds of cats

Every once in a while you’ll hear a story of someone keeping dozens or even hundreds of cats, alive or dead, in their homes. The cats are usually so sick they have to be euthanized. Today’s Stupid Person didn’t stop with one home.

Ruth Knueven, 82, was arrested after authorities found hundreds of cats, alive and dead, in her Mount Vernon, Va., home on 8 July.

Well, it turns out she owns a second home in Burke, Va., and investigators found over 150 cats in similar conditions there. Neighbors report that she was seen carrying out garbage bags full of dead cats prior to her arrest.

“All of these cats had respiratory disease and there were feces and urine all around the house,’ said Officer Richard Henry, a Fairfax County police spokesman. He said all the cats found alive in both homes had to be euthanized. — Associated Press

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