Teenagers hospitalized after running over beehive

Running into a bee colony with your car is quite a stupid thing to do, and two men and two teenage minors are now in the hospital in Orlando, Fla., after suffering multiple bee stings.

The bee yard is hidden away inside acres of orange groves. But deputies say 18-year old Adam Tyson, 20-year-old Jason Krueger and two younger teens found them anyway, backing their truck right in. But then their truck got stuck in the sand and they had to call 911 when hundreds of thousands of bees started swarming.

“A lot of ’em were probably just trying to get back to their home and their home was mashed all over the ground,’ [beekeeper David] Miksa explained.

All of the boys were stung. At least two went to South Lake Hospital for treatment. Miksa said, with millions of bees in his hives, the boys could have been killed. — WFTV

The four face charges of trespassing and criminal mischief.

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