Idaho children hang themselves, die

Children in Idaho are playing a choking game with deadly consequences.

Ten year old Dalton Eby of Boise was found dead last Friday hanging from a tree after playing a “pass-out game.’ His mother had reported him missing the previous night when he failed to return home.

Three months ago 13 year old Chelsea Dunn of Nampa was found dead after hanging herself in a closet.

Younger kids don’t know that they can die from this, that it’s a very dangerous activity. Sometimes kids hear about it, that other kids are doing it, but they don’t hear the rest of the story, the risks. It’s like diving into a pool in the shallow end — parents have to tell their kids not to do it. — Dr. Lawrence Shapiro

By the time I was 10, I had seen enough Westerns to know exactly what happens when you are hanged, and there’s no way I would ever have done it, even as a game. It’s clear today’s children aren’t watching enough television. If you live in Idaho, lose the PS2 and show your child Gunsmoke reruns.

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